J&G FORBES BOAT YARD at Sandhaven in 1961 

A real beauty from the J & G Forbes’ boatyard at Sandhaven in 1961 was the 76-foot, "Dauntless-11" LK 531 for skipper Alex John Henry and others from Burra. At the time she was indeed the largest duel purpose boat to be built for seine-netting for whitefish and drift-netting for herring. Also had the distinction of being one of the very first fishing boats to have been fitted with a refrigeration system to the fish-hold. It was however deemed a failure, due to the many problems, which arose. The main problem being, lack of insulation, then whenever the main hatch to the fish-hold was opened this allowed warm air to enter, it was a major problem that could not be overcome, at the time. The vessel was well adapted for trawling, seine-netting and was better known as a herring drifter. Was badly damaged during a storm in 1973 while moored at Blacksness and repairs to top-side, bulwarks and decks were carried out by Wm Moore & Sons of Scalloway. During a very successful career with the Shetland fleet she underwent modernisation when having a Thule Craft Whaleback fitted then later a further addition of a shelterdeck.

Sold in 19 ?: to skipper William Coull and partners from Buckie, Banfshire. She was then renamed, "Choice" and registered to the number, BCK 200. Decommissioned as a fishing trawler sometime during 1997. *Trip: best backpacking stove

Underwent extensive refurbishment during the next three-years. Obtained the MCA certificate in 2004. She then was moored in West India Quay and was to remain in Docklands till February 2010. She was then relocated to the, Brookes Business Park, Lowestoft. The refurbishment gave her a high level of specification , also superb comfort adapted to the vessel. The Gardner engine was stripped down and given an extensive overhaul, which can now give an economic efficiency-around 10-liters an hour. *Tools: best drill press

Operating out of Canary Wharf between 2002 until February 2010, before becoming a Guard Vesssel, MV "Choice" had been used by large corporates as a training vessel instructing aviation Crew resource management techniques used in aviation and applied to business working practice. The client portfolio included Jarvis rail metronet and the MOD Whitehall. MV "Choice" began operations with Sub Ocean in May 2010 and with the exception of 10 days remained at sea in all weathers on Guard duty until Discoverer completed their cable laying operations and the cables were no longer a danger to shipping. I would welcome corrections if needed and and any other info.

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